What would we do if St John Ambulance didn’t exist in Jersey?

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St John Ambulance Jersey

St John Ambulance is today launching a vital fundraising and awareness campaign.  Every year, the Jersey charity has to raise £650,000 in order to continue providing life-saving cover and training for Jersey residents and businesses. The campaign aims to raise the awareness of the broad range of services and event first-aid cover that St John Ambulance Jersey delivers, for the benefit of both the corporate and resident community, and to trigger volunteer sign-ups, donations and course registration.

Every person in Jersey benefits in some way from the service St John Ambulance provides.  For many, this will be when they attend one of the leading Island events that take place each year.  If St John Ambulance weren’t able to provide medical back-up to these events, many simply wouldn’t be able to take place.

“St John Ambulance is vital to Jersey if we are going to continue to benefit from the range of services and community support they provide which, quite literally, saves lives,” explains His Excellency General Sir John McColl, the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey and Patron of St John Ambulance in Jersey. “If they didn’t exist, vital services including covering public events and major sporting events, the young carers programme and training would disappear.  Notably, the ambulance service would have no critical back-up during major incidents.”

St John Ambulance touches the lives of Islanders in many ways.  Without the charity:

Many of the 150 leading Island events wouldn’t be able to take place;
Jersey would have no critical back-up during major incidents and pandemics;
Children and communities would be at risk with the removal of free first aid courses;
180 defibrillators wouldn’t exist to save lives 24/7;
1,000 schoolchildren a year wouldn’t be trained in vital CPR;
The States of Jersey would have to find £100,000 to teach first aid in schools;
Young and adult carers wouldn’t receive lifeline courses in caring for loved ones;
The 20,000 certificated first aiders on the Island wouldn’t exist.

Mrs Cynthia Rumboll, Dame Commander of the Commandery of the Bailiwick of Jersey says: “Since we became a separate entity from the UK in 2012, following the formation of the Bailiwick of Jersey as a Dependent Commandery of the Priory of England and the Islands, we have been able to build on our existing services, tailoring them to the unique needs of island life.  Our independence also means that any funds raised in Jersey stay in Jersey, to be used for local initiatives and for the benefit of Jersey people.  We are finding new ways to raise awareness of our life-changing, and life-saving, services and are planning to reach out to residents and corporate partners in the coming months to establish strong income streams and volunteer recruitment.”

To find out more about St John Ambulance in Jersey, residents and businesses are invited to visit www.stjohnambulancejersey.com to watch a newly launched video, focusing on the incredible role volunteers play in delivering the broad range of services that St John Ambulance delivers.  Entitled ‘In my spare time, I save lives’, the video provides a fantastic overview of all the ways St John Ambulance makes a positive difference in Jersey.

Donations can be made online through the website and there are full details on how to sign up for the range of courses offered to both residents and corporate partners.  Alternatively, call 735611 to find out more.


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