Wealth Jersey Moves Critical IT Services to the Cloud

| January 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

Calligo, the most technically advanced and secure offshore cloud service provider, today announced that Wealth Jersey has joined their growing number of customers.

Wealth Jersey has moved off its previously UK hosted desktop solution to Calligo CloudDesk for two main reasons; 1. Data privacy and 2. Access from any location.

“It was essential as part of our move to the cloud, to ensure our data was located in an offshore jurisdiction. We are acutely aware of the ramifications of having sensitive data located in regions that do not uphold the levels of security required by our clients and us. Therefore, Calligo’s cloud service was a clear winner for us in our selection criteria,” commented Ryan Lewis, Director and co-founder, Wealth Jersey.

As well as implementing CloudDesk, Wealth Jersey has also placed their core application, IRESS Adviser Office, onto Calligo’s Infrastructure as a Service platform, CloudCore, and introduced CloudMail to their users. The combination of these services means Wealth Jersey has all IT support managed by Calligo and no longer have to concern themselves with upgrades, maintenance or systems incompatibilities.

“For Wealth Jersey to choose our global offshore cloud is validation of an increasing number of organisations who understand the criticality of placing their, and their clients’, data in an offshore jurisdiction,” commented Julian Box, CEO and co-founder Calligo. “As a young company, they need to focus on growing their business and not worry about IT, moving to our cloud platform has enabled them to do that.”

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