Waste Water Strategy published

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Transport and Technical Services (TTS) has published their Waste Water Strategy outlining their plans for the next 20 years or so.

The main focus of the Strategy is the need to replace the sewage treatment works (STW) at Bellozanne. The plant was built in the 1950s and is now struggling to reach the required standards, it is inefficient and outdated and is continually requiring costly maintenance and can’t cope with the increased flow from the drains when there is heavy rainfall.

Over the years it has been refurbished and repaired but studies have shown that this is no longer feasible and the whole plant needs replacing at a cost of £75m. This expenditure is essential to ensure the STW achieves current and future discharge standards, that the risk of partially treated sewage being released into the sea when there is very heavy rainfall is minimised and that the plant is much more efficient and not prone to breakdown or complete failure.

The Strategy also looks at the sewerage network (the sewers and drains that collect and transport sewage to Bellozanne for treatment and surface water to the sea). The top priority is to repair and refurbish the network that we have. The second priority is to continue to undertake projects to install new drains so that the surface water is separated from the sewage; this reduces the amount of water that doesn’t require costly treatment from going to Bellozanne and allowing it to go straight to sea. The third priority is then to connect appropriate properties to the network that currently have no connection.

Council of Ministers has lodged the Strategy as an appendix to its Report and Proposition which is due for debate in May. Also included is a call for the Minister for Transport and Technical Services to develop a strategy for providing assistance for householders to connect to the public sewer network more quickly than is possible within the department’s Waste Water Strategy

TTS has produced a video to explain the need for investment in the waste water strategy which can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRvD11Iv9Ic . The States Report and Proposition can be found:


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