TTS installing energy efficient lighting

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Transport and Technical Services (TTS) has just replaced the old and corroded street lights around the roundabout on the east side of the Tunnel with energy efficient lighting.

As part of its ongoing programme of maintenance and improvement of main road street lighting, TTS has replaced the old lights on the roundabout at the junction of La Route du Fort with Green Street, with new lights that only use half the energy of the old equipment and significantly reduce light pollution by directing light only to where it is needed. The working life of the high efficiency light bulbs is 6 years, which is twice that of the older bulbs, which also reduces maintenance costs.

This is TTS’s tenth project in a programme of improving the energy efficiency of street and display lighting. Similar improvements on other main roads and along the promenades have already been completed in places like Victoria Avenue and Commercial Buildings. These projects have delivered energy savings. For example about £3,000 a year has been saved by using 50% less energy on La Route de St Aubin and The Parade, from Union Street to Millbrook.

The next projects on the programme are along La Route de La Liberation and Mont les Vaux / La Route des Genets, where LED technology is being used.

TTS has also adopted a policy of dimming new street lighting between 10pm and 6am in selected areas and where there are no major junctions. This further reduces energy use.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for TTS said: “About 4 years ago TTS embarked on a programme of improvement of lighting efficiency. Whenever lighting is in need of replacement we source new lighting that will provide the illumination that we require but that provides the best energy and maintenance savings and cuts light pollution. There has been quite a change in lighting technology in recent years and we are able to reap the benefits for the Island.”

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