TTS Exports Fly Ash

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Transport and Technical Services (TTS) will be sending its first shipment of Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) or fly ash out of the Island this week.

APCr is the solid output of the flue gas treatment process in the new Energy from Waste (EfW) plant. Since the EfW started operation in 2011, it has been stored in specially lined pits and now some 15,000 tonnes has been amassed.  Since coming into office, the Minister for Transport and Technical Services has been determined to remove this fly ash waste from La Collette and out of the Island.

It has taken TTS some time to get all the necessary approvals (including those from the UK Environment Agency and the Department of Transport), the funding and then the contract in place to enable shipment to happen.

Starting this week, TTS will be exporting 8 trailer loads of just over 200 tonnes of APCr, twice a week.  At this rate the backlog of waste should be off the Island by April next year. After that time the loads will be reduced to just two trailers a week on an ongoing basis.

Two local firms are involved in the operation, AAL Recycling Ltd is repackaging the bags ready for export and loading them on to lorries, and Profreight is the shipping and haulage company.  The loads will be transported to Augean South Ltd in Peterborough for safe disposal.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, the Minister for Transport and Technical Services said, “I am so pleased that Jersey will be rid of this waste from La Collette. When I was elected as TTS Minister, I promised to do all I could to ensure this waste would leave the Island for safe disposal and /or recovery with an accredited operator and not left as a legacy for future generations. It has been hard work to make it happen because there is so much protocol to go through, but we are there now and I am grateful for all the hard work put in to make it happen.”


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