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From 1st June this year, JT customers will see a considerable increase in speeds following a major change in the way broadband is provided in Jersey. It means the majority of customers will get a better service for the same, or lower, cost.

All customers on the new fibre broadband network will receive guaranteed speeds of at least 50Mb/s, with prices starting from £22.99, which will be frozen until 2017. More than 30% of JT customers have now been switched to the new fibre network, with the rest being switched before the end of 2016.

Customers on the copper-based broadband network will have the option of receiving the maximum speed their line can deliver, up to 20 Mb/s, also for £22.99.

This replaces the current 4,8,16 Mb/s services, as customers have told JT they want a smaller range of broadband products that are easier to understand.

JT will continue to provide a basic 2Mb/s mobile broadband product for simple e-mail use and web browsing at the current price of £17.99 until 2016.

Alternatively, customers currently on a 2Mb/s service can sign up to an 18-month contract on the new broadband service (up to 20Mb/s on copper, 50Mb/s on fibre) and continue to pay £17.99 per month for the duration of that contract, and keep their current data usage allowance.

As well as drastically improving download speeds as set out above, JT will also be doubling upload speeds and usage allowances for the majority of residential customers.

Recent research shows that on average, homes in Jersey contain at least ten devices which are connected to the internet.

JT’s Head of Commercial Development, Dominic Vye commented: “This new approach to providing broadband services in Jersey is built on customer feedback, and I would like thank everyone who has taken the time to express their opinions.

“Customers have told us they want a smaller, and simpler, range of products; we have made changes to ensure the majority will see improvements to their broadband service for the same or lower cost.

“And for those who only want the simplest, and least expensive, broadband service, they won’t have to pay a penny more than they do now.

“Given the impact of digital services on the way we live our lives, both now, and even more so in the future, these changes will significantly boost the Island’s average broadband speed; they also mean we will be offering ‘superfast’ fibre broadband services for some of the lowest prices in the world”.

The new pricing will appear on the June 28th bill, and take effect in July.

Any customers with queries about the new broadband service are asked to contact JT on


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