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Transport and Technical Services (TTS) has now published its review of taxi regulations and is inviting the public to comment on the recommendations.

The report, Taxi Regulatory Reform – Recommendations, has been compiled following extensive research and initial consultation with the taxi industry and other interested parties. It is now out for consultation prior to going to the States.

As is not uncommon, changes to taxi regulation in Jersey has happened in a piecemeal fashion. However, over the years technology has changed and things, such as, the use of mobile phones for ordering taxis is blurring the distinction between rank work, on-street pick-up and pre-booked taxis. A general review of taxi regulation was therefore required to reflect the changes that have happened and to prepare for new emerging technologies such as smart phone apps, which will further erode the distinction between different types of taxi.

The policy reform proposals focus on improving the service to the customer. The Minister for TTS is proposing combining rank taxis and private hire into a single taxi system, with harmonized conditions and fares for customers. Additionally, quality standards are to be improved and the number of taxi licenses allowed to increase over a number of years. To avoid unnecessary disruption to this important public service and to its customers, these changes would be phased in and regularly reviewed during their introduction to ensure that a positive impact for the travelling public is achieved.

Anyone wishing to take part in the consultation can find the report and an accompanying video on . Copies of the report are also available from the States Greffe Bookshop and from the South Hill offices at TTS. Comments should submitted by email to or in writing to Taxi Review, Transport and Technical Services, PO Box 412, States Offices, South Hill, St Helier, JE4 8UY. The closing date is 28 February 2014.

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