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The Idea Works Website

Designers and advertisers need to tailor their online and visual offerings to meet the constantly changing demands of technology, according to advertising and marketing specialists The Idea Works.

The agency has recently redesigned its website so that it’s fully accessible across all media platforms and can be viewed on any device. The Idea Works has also been working with local web developers to incorporate behavioural targeting and audience profiling into its online advertising campaigns, a technique it successfully trialled with the relaunch of the Jersey Pass.

Creative director Martyn Aubert said the increasing use of mobile devices, allied to the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, meant it was important to create design strategies that allowed users to engage with the product or brand across a multitude of different applications.

“More and more people are viewing websites and interacting online via their mobiles and so you need to ensure the digital strategies you’re developing work across a range of devices and screen sizes,” said Mr Aubert.

He explained that mobile users accessing the internet currently accounted for just over 40 per cent of all local online traffic, but although this was less than corresponding UK figures, there had been a dramatic increase in this type of   mobile-generated activity in the last nine months and it was forecast to exceed 50 per cent by early 2013.

“For the last three years, we’ve been able to track who is engaging with our online campaigns and, whereas users of mobile devices have traditionally only accounted for around a quarter of all active respondents, our analysis shows a significant change in user behaviour,” he added.

“The relevance of this continuing upward trend means that by offering multi-device strategies and campaigns as standard it increases the chances of a user engaging with a brand, as well as ensuring they have the optimal viewing experience.”

A further benefit of emerging technologies is they use retinal quality display screens to reproduce high quality media content. “So, we’ve redesigned our website to enable us to display our work to its full potential, whether you’re viewing it on a desktop, iPad or mobile phone,” said Mr Aubert.

The new website also acts as a showcase for the agency’s work as well as keeping clients and visitors updated on their latest campaigns and new developments in marketing, design and advertising.

For more information on current projects, or to view some of their case studies, visit www.theideaworks.com

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