Successful Tri-Island Conference will reconvene early in 2013

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The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Anne Pryke, has declared yesterday’s tri-island meeting of the health authorities of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man a great success.

The all-day meeting was held in Jersey, and was the first in what is hoped will be a series of meetings between the three Crown Dependencies. The next meeting will be held early in 2013 so that the joint agenda that was tabled and discussed yesterday can be progressed. The meeting was attended by the Ministers from all three islands and their Chief Officers.

Deputy Pryke said: “There were many issues of interest for us to discuss. In the Public Health arena – there are already many areas of shared work and the three Islands wish to continue this for example, looking at alcohol and drug misuse polices.

“As islands, we are facing some of the same concerns and challenges; and these relate to many of the financial constraints and demands on our services, as we all strive to provide the best for the public, but in an island environment. It is early, but we hope by working together it may be possible to maximise efficiencies in some areas.

“Another issue of importance was discussing our clinical staff. The requirement for small jurisdictions such as ours, to employ generalist staff while the trend in training is for specialism, gives rise to a real challenge for all of the Islands. Together, it may be possible to find ways to maintain sustainable services in small jurisdictions, and I hope that by working together we can explore different ways of working which will maintain services for all of us in a safe and effective way.

“In terms of regulation, there is much scope to share resources on this. Doing so in future will provide a better overview, allow for better objective and independent review, and will also allow a better consistency and understanding of small jurisdiction issues. Where possible, it would be beneficial to move away from self-regulation, as this is important for objectivity.”

The delegates also discussed a number of the pieces of legislation that the three Islands are working on, which have common themes, such as Road Traffic Accidents, Mental Health Capacity, and the Medicines Law. Working on these together will save time, resources and provide for more consistency.

Deputy Pryke said “We all thought this was a highly successful, valuable meeting and were pleased to be able to give time to issues which concern us all. I look forward to meeting my colleagues from both Guernsey and the Isle of Man in early 2013 to continue our discussions and see how we can continue to assist each other as we tackle common issues.”

It is envisioned that the Tri-Island Conference will become a regular forum to ensure momentum.  The next meeting has been tentatively agreed for February 2013.

The attendees were:

Isle of Man:

  • Minister for Health – Hon David Anderson MHK
  • Chief Executive for the Department of Health – David Killip.


  • Minister for Health and Social Services – Deputy Anne Pryke
  • Chief Executive for Health and Social Services – Julie Garbutt.


  • Minister for Health and Social Services – Deputy Hunter Adam
  • Chief Officer for Health and Social Services – Mark Cooke.

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