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The States Members Remuneration Review Body has today released its recommendations on the level of remuneration that should be paid to all elected members of the States for the lifetime of the next States Assembly, namely the period from November 2014 to May 2018.

The Review Body has recommended –

No change in States members’ total remuneration and expenses (currently £42,600 and £4,000 respectively) for the period November 2014 to May 2018 but with the abolition of the current distinction between ‘remuneration’ and ‘expenses’ and with remuneration for elected members being defined instead as a single figure of £46,600 for the life of the next Assembly. Nevertheless, notwithstanding this recommendation, the Review Body will conduct annual reviews of remuneration each Autumn during the 3½ year life of the next Assembly to ensure that this amount remains appropriate and the Review Body will then make further recommendations for each calendar year between 2016 and 2018 if considered appropriate;
The abolition of the £600 IT allowance that has been payable to members on request for 2014 with IT costs for members in future being met instead from their £46,600 remuneration payment;
The introduction of pension arrangements for States members, including matched contributions from the States, from 1st January 2016 to coincide with the introduction of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2016 to 2019;

The Chairman of the Review Body, Julian Rogers, said “The Review Body was keen to publish its recommendations for the next 3½ years in good time before the September nomination meetings so that anyone standing for election or re-election is fully aware of the remuneration available for the entire lifetime of the next Assembly. In reaching our conclusions we took careful note of a number of factors including the downgraded financial forecasts contained in the Draft Budget Statement 2015 which indicates that there will be a requirement for all States departments to find savings for 2015. Having taken everything into account we concluded that the current total remuneration figure of £46,600 remains appropriate for the next 3½ years although we will nevertheless continue to undertake annual reviews to check that this remains the case. In addition we are making a firm recommendation that voluntary pension arrangements should be introduced from 1st January 2016 with contributions made by members to be matched by the States up to an agreed maximum. As pension payments are deferred pay this recommendation will lead to a real increase in remuneration for those members who choose to participate in the pension arrangements. During 2015 we also intend to undertake an in depth review of the current remuneration arrangement for members with a view to recommending a more appropriate pay structure for the future.”

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