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The States Members Remuneration Review Body (SMRRB) has issued a summary of the responses received to its recent consultation on the remuneration of elected members of the States of Jersey.

The consultation was launched in June this year and asked for views on a number of matters including –

whether the current level of remuneration is too high, too low or about right;
whether there are other role(s) in the Island that could be regarded as comparable with the role of a States member;
whether members should continue to receive an element of tax free remuneration to cover expenses;
whether there is a case for differentiating among States members for remuneration purposes on the basis of role and responsibility; and
whether a pension provision should be made available to States members.

The Chairman of SMRRB, Julian Rogers, said “We did not receive a very significant number of responses to our consultation but we were nevertheless impressed by the quality of the responses received and by the amount of thought that respondents had put into their submissions. It was particularly interesting to note that, even though the States voted in May this year against removing the current restriction on having different rates of remuneration for different members, nearly three quarters of respondents thought that this should be the case. At present the States of Jersey Law 2005 makes it unlawful for differential pay to be introduced but we still found the views of the public on this issue interesting and useful to us. Many of the respondents who favoured differential pay nevertheless thought that the basic ‘starting level’ of members’ remuneration should also be reduced if extra payments were to be made to members with additional responsibilities.”

The Review Body will now be considering the responses received and related information available to it including the most up-to-date earnings and cost of living reports from the Statistics Unit as well as other public and private sector data sources. It will then publish its recommendation later this month on the appropriate level of remuneration for States members for the period of the next Assembly which runs from November 2014 to May 2018.


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