‘Smokefree’ reminder for Islanders

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ISLANDERS are being reminded that Health and Social Services will be going smokefree across all their sites on 14 March – National No Smoking Day. This means patients, clients, visitors; staff and contractors will not be able to smoke in any HSSD owned buildings or grounds from 14 March.

The States of Jersey Police have also chosen to make their custody area smokefree from this date.

HSSD is going smokefree to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of everyone who uses and works in the services, and improved signage will be visible across HSSD sites from this week, to remind everyone about the change.

Health and Social Services will routinely provide nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help support patients in managing without cigarettes. Information about the smokefree policy has been distributed across HSSD to let patients know about the change, and the message is also included on Outpatient appointment letters.

Head of Health Improvement Andrew Heaven said: “We know that for many smokers a hospital admission represents a real opportunity to abstain or quit smoking, nursing staff will be able to offer support and use of NRT as part of their care, and enable patients to realise the known benefits of stopping smoking.

“There is now very good evidence of the health benefits of abstaining and stopping smoking while in hospital. We know that patients will benefit from faster healing and recovery as well as reduced risk of complications and longer hospital stays. We have a professional responsibility and duty of care to maximise the health of our patients and going smokefree is an important step in support of this.”

Around 1,000 islanders a year seek support from the Help2Quit service, and of those, around 50 per cent of smokers who use the service quit for good. The service can provide free advice, support and treatment to help smokers stop smoking for good.

“The recent Picker Survey on patient satisfaction reported on the discomfort experienced by patients when being cared for and supported by staff smelling of cigarette smoke during their hospital stay. By going smokefree, Health and Social Services will also be responding to patient feedback. Furthermore, our on-site outdoor spaces such as garden and patio areas across our sites will also become smoke free for the use and enjoyment of all.

“Health and Social Services want to be an exemplar organisation and take the lead in providing safe smokefree settings in working towards the vision of a smokefree island. We are pleased that other organisations are also committing to their own smoke free policies, with Family Nursing and Home Care and the States of Jersey Police coming on board.”

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