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‘Love Plémont’ giant puffin

Jersey band Badlabecques has released a song to help the National Trust for Jersey save a unique part of Jersey’s coastline from residential development.

The song ‘Little Green Shoots’ will be available to purchase from iTunes from Monday 26 November. Studio time was donated to the band by pop star Gilbert O’Sullivan who lives in Jersey.

If just 5,000 or 6,000 well-wishers download it during next week there is the opportunity for the song to reach the Top 40, which would be a massive boost to the campaign.

Badlabecques is the only pop band in the world to sing in Jersey’s traditional language – Jèrriais – a dialect of ancient Norman French, the song was co-written with the local Jèrriais poet and historian, Geraint Jennings, from Jersey’s L’Office du Jèrriais.

A video of the band performing the song can also be seen on YouTube. Keep your eyes peeled for a special guest appearance from the ‘Love Plémont’ giant puffin!

Kit Ashton, the singer/songwriter from the band comments:

“It’s really special for us to contribute to the Love Plémont campaign in this way, and we hope we’ve got the right balance between the genuine message and a positive, inclusive sound – as well as between English and Jèrriais! There used to be a beacon at Plémont, and the song focuses on this as a metaphor for hope – that taking this unique chance to undo the mistakes of the past will also show how Jersey’s public does really value and respect nature, and our legacy for future generations – the ‘Little Green Shoots’ of tomorrow’s community. We’d like to thank guest musicians Terri O’Donaghue and Jason Mildren, as well as producer Sam Falle for their time and talents, and massive thanks to Gilbert O’Sullivan for the use of his lovely studio.
We’d also love Plémont Estates Ltd to hear the song and think again about Plémont!”

Plémont on Jersey’s beautiful north coast, is a natural habitat for many species including the endangered Atlantic Puffin, but has long since been marred by a derelict holiday village, built in the 1960s. A large public campaign has grown in recent years, urging the current owner, Plémont Estates Ltd, to sell the land to the States of Jersey at a fair price, who can then sell it on to the National Trust for Jersey who will demolish the camp complex and return it to its natural state.

Last week, Plémont Estates Ltd was given planning consent to build 28 luxury homes on the site. On 11th December, the States are due to debate the possibility of the land purchase.

Badlabecques are hoping that their song will not only help inspire the public and politicians alike, but also contribute to the fundraising efforts as all net proceeds will be going to the National Trust For Jersey, which still needs funds to help clear the site, should their campaign be successful. The song can be downloaded from iTunes for the sum of 79p.

Little Green Shoots will be out on iTunes on Monday 26th November.

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