Scrap metal – changes for the New Year

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The current scrap metal yard operating from the north end of the Bellozanne valley will close on 24 December, at the end of the current operator’s contract. From 2 January 2013, the new operator will take over and will be accepting scrap metal from Gate 4, a temporary site.

Hunts (Jersey) Ltd (HJL), which is taking over the scrap metal recycling operations in the New Year, under a contract from Transport and Technical Services (TTS), has to operate from the smaller Gate 4 site until the current site is cleared and vacated by the current operation.

HJL is a consortium of Hunt Bros Ltd, a local company and European Metal Recycling Ltd which is a highly experienced UK family run metal recycling organisation with many years of experience. This consortium offers local knowledge and expertise combined with the core management and operational support of an established and experienced global waste metal recycling company with strong environmental credentials.

James Hunt, Director of HJL, said “We will be offering a full scrap metal recycling service for Jersey from 2 January next year. We very much intend to be a company working with the local community to provide the service they need in a way that minimises the impact on the environment. We intend to invest a percentage of our profits into environmental projects in Jersey. We will be announcing more information about the new operation in the next few days, including how much we will be paying for scrap metal.”

Between Christmas and the New Year, when the current operation has closed and before the new operator takes over, TTS will be accepting small items of scrap metal, for householders at its Recycling Centre and for commercial operators at La Collette. Anyone with any queries about scrap metal recycling over the festive period, should telephone TTS on 445509

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