Rouge Bouillon road closure on Thursday night

| May 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

On Thursday 29 May, Transport and Technical Service (TTS) will be making final repairs to the area of road in Rouge Bouillon near to its junction with Midvale Road and the road will have to be closed during the evening and overnight.

A void in the road was found in the road at this location on 20 May and some emergency repair work and temporary reinstatement was undertaken the following day. Contractors are now in place to carry out the work to bring the road back up to the required standard on 29 May.

The westbound lane will be closed from 7pm on and the whole road will need to be closed from 8pm until about 6.30am the following day.  Diversions will be in place.

As the hole is so close to the centre of the road, the whole road needs to be closed to ensure the safety of the public and those carrying out the repairs.

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