Regulations Lodged under the new Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law

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Regulations are being lodged today as part of the new Control of Housing and Work Law. The law was approved by the States Assembly in 2012 and is intended to provide a more effective and efficient system of immigration control.

The Regulations specify Islanders’ Residential Status, which will determine how they access work and housing.

Residents will still need to live in the Island for five years to be Entitled for Work and for ten years to be Entitled for Housing. Anyone who has not completed ten years residence must live in unqualified accommodation, and an employer needs a licence to employ anyone who has lived in the Island for less than five years.

Regulations will also be lodged to ensure that anyone with existing qualifications under the Housing and Regulation of Undertakings Laws retains those qualifications, and that existing rights and permissions are carried over into the new system. This means the new Law will cause the minimum possible disruption.

The Chair of the Migration Advisory Group, Senator Paul Routier, said “The new Regulations ensure that Islanders retain their existing qualifications and provide a seamless introduction of these new, more effective immigration controls.”

The intention is to debate the Regulations on the 5th March, 2013. If they are approved the new Law will be introduced in April 2013.

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