RBS International and Coutts help prepare for the arrival of baby Indigo

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RBS International help prepare for the arrival of baby Indigo

Staff at RBS International and Coutts dedicated two days to helping Durrell prepare the gorilla enclosure for the arrival of their silverback gorilla’s baby, Indigo.

A team of 23 RBS International staff carried out maintenance, re-painting work and removing all weeds and vines from the enclosure before Indigo was born.

Jonathan Stark, Senior Ape Keeper said ‘I could not believe my eyes when I saw what the team had achieved in one day’.
Coutts also provided a team of ten volunteers who came to Durrell after the birth of Indigo. They cleared fallen leaves and chopped logs for burning in the heating system to keep the Island Bat Roost warm.

Head of Landscaping, Caryl Kemp, commented. ‘This work is a thankless task but crucial. Sustainability is key and this is an example of corporate support having a direct and important impact on Durrell’s core mission. We are reliant on this type of support and very appreciative of the corporate volunteers from RBS International and Coutts who made a real difference.’
Paul Eva, Executive Director, Coutts said,

‘Volunteering at Durrell for the day was the perfect opportunity to allow everybody to give something back to their local community, whilst supporting a worthwhile cause.’

Stuart Young, Chief Risk Officer, RBS International, added,

‘It was great to be given the opportunity to share this experience during working hours with work colleagues and have the satisfaction of giving back to the community’.

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