Public endorses Physiotherapy Department in patient survey

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Nearly 100 per cent of patients who received physiotherapy from HSSD’s Physiotherapy Department rated the care they received as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ in a recent 12 week patient survey.

The survey, which covers physiotherapy services provided by the General Hospital, Overdale Hospital, and Community Services, took place between September and December 2013. Patients were asked to answer questions anonymously about the physiotherapy service, after their initial appointment in an out-patient clinic, or following in-patient treatment on the public wards in the General Hospital and at Overdale.

From the 916 forms completed. 99% of patients were satisfied that the main reason they required physiotherapy was dealt with, and 99% rated the care they received as ‘good’, or ‘very good’.

99% of patients felt they were treated with dignity and respect. The majority of other questions achieved positive response rates above 95%, including patients being involved in their own treatment plan, feeling as though they were listened to, and being given the opportunity to ask questions.

“The survey forms part of the new strategy for physiotherapy, and will play an important part in future re-structuring,” said Dr Julia Morris, Consultant Physiotherapist and Strategic Lead of the Physiotherapy Department. “The results are clearly encouraging for our staff. However, there are some areas for us to work on, such as informing the public and patients about what we offer, and what to expect from our service.”

The Physiotherapy Department will continue to do carry out regular surveys, as well as introducing a Friends of Physiotherapy Patient Focus Group.

Dr Morris added: “Two of our senior physiotherapists, Clare Jouanny and Paul Michel, are heading up a Measuring Impact Group, and more work will be undertaken to ensure we deliver the best quality of care to the public.

“Should any members of the public have any comments or suggestions about the future, they can direct this to Clare and Paul at the Physiotherapy Department.”

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