Progress on Sustainable Transport

| December 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

Transport and Technical Services (TTS) has published a report showing the progress made on the implementation of the States Sustainable Transport Policy.

Over the last couple of years TTS has been focussing on making sustainable travel a more attractive option for the public. The report details the improvements that have been made for pedestrians, cycling and bus travel.

Although there has been a 1% increase in population over the past six years, traffic levels in general have remained fairly constant.  However there has been a small reduction in peak hour traffic, 1.7% in the last four years, which is encouraging.

Use of public transport has increased by 9% since 2007 and cycling (at peak times) also shows a small increasing trend since 2008.  Use of road fuel is down 10% since its peak in 1994 and air quality monitoring shows significant reductions in pollutants at the road side.

The report is available on the or from reception at the TTS offices at South Hill.

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