Plasterboard recycling: amended charge from 7 April 2014

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Transport and Technical Services (TTS) is pleased to announce an amendment to the new plasterboard recycling charge that will be implemented on Monday 7 April 2014.

Due to the success of ongoing trials, TTS will extend the commercial green waste charge of £19 per tonne (including GST) to plasterboard rather than implementing the previously advertised plasterboard recycling charge of £101.40 per tonne (including GST).

From Monday 7 April 2014, all commercial plasterboard must be delivered to the dedicated area at the Commercial Green Waste Composting Site at La Collette. All plasterboard must be free of contaminants such as foam and foil backing. All plasterboard will be inspected so that contaminated loads can be rejected.

The plasterboard collected separately for recycling will be included in ongoing advanced trials of mixing the plasterboard with green waste and composting this mix to produce a gypsum enhanced agricompost for local agricultural use.

The use of recycled plasterboard gypsum as a soil conditioner is already common practice in the UK and indications from the work TTS has carried out with various States of Jersey departments and the agricultural industry are extremely positive.

Emma Richardson-Calladine, Recycling Manager, TTS said ‘Recycling local waste plasterboard into a product that has a local benefit is extremely exciting and demonstrates how waste is a resource rather than rubbish. However, the success of this trial depends on the building industry as we will only be able to use clean plasterboard and unfortunately if we are unable to collect plasterboard that is free of foam and foil backing, we will have to revert to exporting plasterboard for specialist recycling and implementing the original charge.’

This trial will continue until the end of May when TTS will review the feasibility of finding a long term local solution to plasterboard recycling.

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