Planning refuse four homes in St Brelade

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The Planning Applications Panel has refused an application for the development of four new homes in St Brelade. The plans were designed to replace an existing house at Ravenscliff Cottage, La Route des Genets, with a new development in a modern farmyard style. However, Panel members unanimously rejected the scheme, considering it to be an overdevelopment of the site which would be out of context with the character of the area.

The Panel met yesterday and considered a total of 19 applications. Among these was an application by the Wool Shop at Haute Croix for three signs. Two were approved and one refused. The Panel took account of objections by the Transport and Technical Services Department on safety grounds; they argued that one of the three signs could be a distraction to motorists at a busy junction.

The Panel also agreed to an application to demolish an old agricultural shed in Grouville and to replace it with four new dwellings. In objecting to the scheme, Planning Officers had cited the policies of the current Island Plan, which aims to provide new housing within the Built-Up Area, rather than the Green Zone, and which encourages the re-use of existing employment sites for use by new employment activities.

However, the Panel considered that the scheme represented a good use of a ‘brownfield’ site, which had not been used for some time. The Panel also noted that the latest application followed an earlier scheme for six houses which had been rejected 18 months ago.

The decision, which is contrary to officer advice, will be now be reviewed by the Minister of the Planning and Environment Department.

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