Parents guide to drugs in new printed and on-line formats

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The Health and Social Services Department have re-issued a printed and revised user friendly on-line version of ‘A Parent’s Guide to Drugs’ to increase accessibility of drugs information to parents.

The Guide was updated earlier in the year in the wake of concerns about the ongoing dangers relating to alcohol and drug use among young people. The guide was adapted to take account in changing trends in drug use in particular the increasing emergence of new psychoactive substances  (or NPS for short), formerly – and misleadingly – known as legal highs.

Copies of the printed guide will be made available through secondary schools, Highlands College and relevant local services. Schools have contacted parents to let them know about the availability of the printed version and direct them to the on-line resource.

Head of Health Improvement, Martin Knight said parents and guardians had an important role to play in helping young people make informed decisions about drugs and reducing any potential harm that may arise through drug use, be it illegal or legal.

“We continue to be concerned about emerging trends in the use of new psychoactive substances  amongst young people and really want all parents to know about the serious harms and side effects that can be experienced from these drugs.” he said. “If mixed with alcohol the side effects of these substances can be particularly pronounced, including extremely negative changes in mood and behaviour.

“The Guide is designed to support parents and guardians by giving them information about drugs and their effects, as well as offering age-appropriate suggestions and approaches to having discussions on the issue of drugs with children, which we realise can be a difficult and sensitive area.”

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