On Line book launched by Jersey Water

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Jersey Water is celebrating the 130th anniversary since its incorporation in 1882 and has published an on line book documenting the 130 years of the Company’s history.

The book charts the growth of the Company, from its inception to the present day. It details the development of the Island’s water infrastructure to meet the changing needs of the local community and documents the building of the treatment works, desalination plant and reservoirs.

Helier Smith, Finance Director of Jersey Water commented:

“In 2012 we have been celebrating our 130th anniversary. One of the ways we have marked this important milestone is with the publication of this ebook documenting the role that the Company plays in Jersey life and the important events in its history.

Many of the challenges faced by the Company over its history are still relevant today. Climate change, water scarcity and the changes in Jersey’s population are all issues that have helped shape the Company and will continue to do so for years to come.

The book gives a fascinating insight in to the engineering history of the Company, showing how Jersey Water’s infrastructure has developed to enable it to meet the Island’s demand for a resilient, high quality water supply. We hope that our customers will find the book of interest and be able to learn a little more about the supply of water in the Island.”

The book is available to view, free of charge, by visiting www.jerseywater.je and can be opened by clicking on the book cover. The book not only describes the 130 years of the Company but features a number of photographs from the Jersey Water archives along with photography shot during this Summer showing Queens Valley and Val de la Mare Reservoir at their best.


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