New solution proposed for Charing Cross that brings Premier Inn to Jersey

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The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited (the Society) has submitted a new, revised solution for the redevelopment of its Charing Cross property in St Helier.

If accepted, this regeneration project will retain four of the Grade Three, ‘potentially’ listed buildings, three of which will be ‘gifted’ to the National Trust for restoration.  The plan will also create a new, 91 room Premier Inn hotel which will provide a major boost for local tourism in St Helier. The plans also see improvements to the Society food store and the creation of a lettable retail unit.

Under these proposals, Pitt Street will become a traffic-free, pedestrian space that will form an integral part of the town centre’s pedestrian public realm, together with an exciting, public art experience as part of a wider public art strategy for St Helier.  It is intended that this major urban regeneration will provide a key gateway to the centre of St Helier, enhance the surrounding built environment, improve the visual quality and amenities of the town centre and stimulate pedestrian activity and interaction.

If approved, this project will represent a capital investment in Jersey of £12m., with an estimated multiplier effect of some £35m.within the wider economy.  Approximately 83% of the building works being undertaken would be by Jersey registered companies employing up to 300 people during the construction phase.   It is also anticipated that the enlarged foodstore would create additional long-term employment opportunities.  The provision of a significant new hotel would additionally provide much-needed support for the tourism industry and St Helier traders.

Colin Macleod, Chief Executive Officer of the Society,said the new plans had been reduced in scale to ensure that the new buildings fit comfortably into the surrounding streetscape in a harmonious way.

‘This new plan represents a substantial investment in the heart of St Helier, which balances a commitment to preserving the heritage of the town, creating employment and regeneration for the area, bringing opportunities for both islanders and visitors.  If approved, this project is fully funded and can be implemented immediately to have a speedy and meaningful impact on the island’s economy,’ he said.

‘As an organisation owned by, and run for our community, we are thrilled to be in a position to bring forward such a compelling proposal for this tired location.’

John Henwood, chairman of the Jersey Tourism Shadow Board welcomed the proposals.

‘New investment on this scale can only be viewed as an expression of confidence in the future of tourism, particularly as it will add an important, high profile brand to the hospitality sector,’ he said.

John Bates, Head of Acquisitions (Provinces) for Premier Inn, added:

‘We have been looking for the right opportunity to invest in Jersey and the right partner for some time – it’s a location where we want to open and to bring the benefits of Premier Inn investment, choice and year-round jobs.  We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Channel Islands Co-operative Society and look forward to taking this exciting opportunity through the planning process and, all being well, into construction as soon as possible.’

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