New Recycle for Jersey campaign

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The Transport and Technical Services (TTS) Recycling Team has launched a video campaign with the aim of increasing the amount of household metal packaging that is separated for recycling.

The video introduces a local family and explains why recycling is so important through the eyes of a child, a young girl who compares the changes her family are trying to make, whether it be her dad going jogging in order to look like superman or her brother using magic to turn caterpillars into butterflies, to the transformation of household food and drink cans, aerosol cans, foil and foil packaging by recycling.

The video, which has been produced by Freedom Media, is available from the Recycle for Jersey Facebook page and a link is also available from The video is under two minutes long and has been designed to be shared via social media.

A version of the video has been edited to create a television commercial and this will air for the first time between 6pm and 7pm on ITV on Christmas Eve (Tuesday 24 December) and will appear on local screens between 6 and 7pm until New Year’s Eve.

Emma Richardson-Calladine, Recycling Manager, TTS said ‘Using video has enabled us to promote recycling in a different way and we hope that this will help us to reach a wider audience. We are really proud of this video which we hope will be the first in a series that will each focus on recycling something different. This video continues the theme of magic which was introduced by our Can Wizard this Autumn, as metal can be recycled again and again saving energy and resources every time. It should be a priority for everyone to separate their metals for recycling and we hope that our video not only helps to share this message but it also gets shared to spread our message this Christmas.’

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