New president for the board of The Channel Islands Co-operative Society

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Channel Island's Cooperative new president

Former Jersey senator, Ben Shenton, has been elected president of The Channel Islands’ Co-operative Society.

At the annual meetings, which this year were held on 13th May in Jersey and 14th May in Guernsey, the members decide who will sit on the Co-operative Society’s pan-Channel Island board, which is comprised of four Jersey members and four Guernsey members. All of the existing directors were re-elected. The directors then elect a president from among their number.

After serving for five years as president, Peter Roffey decided to step down and Mr Shenton, the former vice president, was elected as his replacement. Alexander Fearn from Jersey and Tanya Dorrity from Guernsey were chosen to fill the roles of joint vice president, the first time the board has had two members occupy the vice presidency position.

Colin Macleod, CEO said that he wished to thank Mr Roffey for his continued hard work and dedication to The Channel Islands’ Co-operative Society.

He commented: ‘We are incredibly grateful for the significant contribution Peter has made in what amounts to five years as president. In that time, the Society’s turnover has increased significantly and our business interests have expanded. I’m delighted that he is staying on the board as a non-executive director. I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome our former vice president, Ben, to the role of president. I am very much looking forward to working more closely with him.’

The non-executive directors who sit on the board of The Channel Islands’ Co-operative Society are: Ben Shenton, Alexander Fearn, Tanya Dorrity, Peter Roffey, Carol Champion, Jennie Vibert, Hamish Marett-Crosby and Sue Ryde.


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