New edition of ‘invaluable’ work on Jersey insolvency published

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The latest edition of the highly acclaimed work on Jersey Insolvency has been published.

Bringing together a number of experts in the field of Jersey insolvency, the fourth edition of the established work, ‘Jersey Insolvency and Asset Tracking’ has broadened its scope and provided a wider analysis of key topics.

Bedell Cristin Senior Partner, Anthony Dessain and Michael Wilkins, the Viscount and Judicial Greffier of the Royal Court of Jersey have co-authored the work. It was first published in 1999 and has assisted the courts, lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professionals both in Jersey and elsewhere.

The new, expanded edition has already been well received by senior figures in legal circles both in Jersey and the UK. The Deputy Bailiff of Jersey, William Bailhache, describes it

“as a very valuable contribution to the law of Jersey. It is apparent that this book meets a definite need in bringing together the different strands of insolvency and asset tracking in an ordered and comprehensible way.”

Michael Beloff QC, the Senior Ordinary Appeal Judge of the Court of Appeal in Jersey has said in a Forward to the book

“I feel encouraged that any future judgments that I might give, in collaboration with my colleagues, will be the better for having this book by our side.”

Michael Crystal QC, of South Square Chambers in London, is delighted to recommend the work

“Its authors are two of the foremost practitioners in Jersey. The guide will be of invaluable assistance to all those who have an interest in the fields of recovery or insolvency.”

The authors have been assisted by Advocates Robert Gardner, Edward Drummond and Vicky Milner of Bedell Cristin; Ed Shorrock of Baker & Partners and Debbie Gregory of Hogan Lovells.

The fourth edition contains a third more text than the last edition. In addition to the in-depth treatment of the issues in the fourth edition ranging from asset recovery and claimants’ rights, bankruptcy, cross border insolvency and human rights, the authors have updated detailed commentaries to offer a more extensive analysis of such topics as guarantees, enforcement of foreign judgments, the impact of foreign trusts and taxation, cross-border co-operation, limited liability partnerships, foundations and the new Security Interests Law.

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