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National Trust for Jersey Green House ProjectIn partnership with Jersey Electricity, the National Trust for Jersey is delighted to announce the launch of its second pledge as part of the Green House Project.  For the month of February the Trust has promised to install, wherever practical, energy saving light bulbs and eco-managers in all of its tenanted properties within the next 12 months.  To get the ball rolling the Trust will be installing an energy monitor and over 40 eco light bulbs, of all shapes and sizes, at La Vallette, a wonderfully secluded C17 granite farmhouse located in the heart of St John.

The current tenants have very much welcomed the initiative and will be closely monitoring their electricity usage and hoping to see a reduction in their consumption, thus helping not only the environment but also their bank balance.

Chris Ambler- CEO at Jersey Electricity said:

Jersey Electricity has always been committed to helping customers become more energy efficient while providing them with sustainable, low-carbon electricity. We are therefore very pleased to be involved in the National Trust for Jersey’s high profile Green House Project by providing the Trust with energy saving lamps and electricity monitors for its tenanted properties. We wish the Trust every success in bringing the important message of sustainability to as wide an audience as possible.

Mike Stentiford MBE – President of the National Trust commented:

The Green House Project is very much about demonstrating how small simple pledges can make a huge difference if we all join in together. Never can a truer word be said about the humble light bulb which is such an integral part of our everyday lives. Simply changing one or two light bulbs in every household in the UK would enable us to close down a power station, whilst changing 24 in your own house can save you over £200 per annum. The return is enormous both financially and environmentally and we are delighted that Jersey Electricity is helping us to make this happen in our very own properties.

Facts and Figures For Energy Saving Light Bulbs :

  • A light bulb costing £1 can save you up to £60 in energy costs over its lifetime which can be 10 times longer than a standard bulb.
  • Energy saving light bulbs use up to 80% less electricity than ordinary bulbs in order to generate the same amount of light.
  • If every UK household installed 3 Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs enough energy would be saved in a year to supply all street lighting in the UK.
  • An area three times the size of the Isle of Wight would need to be planted with Sitca spruce to absorb the carbon resulting from the annual UK use of domestic electric lights and appliances.

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