Minister calls off extinguishment of Ronez loop road

| February 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

Deputy Kevin Lewis, the Minister for Transport and Technical Services (TTS) has asked the Law Officers to stop the legal procedures to extinguish the Ronez loop road, following the concerns expressed by the St John’s Parish Assembly.

The TTS Minister had been asked to extinguish the loop road to allow the Kart Club to establish their club more permanently for racing.  He had recently asked the Law Officers to instigate the process on the understanding the road would transfer to the Parish. However, several St John parishioners expressed their concerns with the proposal at a Parish Assembly held on 5 February.

All parties will now work together to determine the best way forward for the Kart Club, the public and the Parishioners.

The TTS Minister said: “I am sensitive to the concerns of the Parishioners of St John and I have stopped the extinguishment process to allow further discussions to take place between all parties concerned.

The Constable of St John added “At the recent Parish Assembly, parishioners expressed concerns around retaining public access and how the area would be policed should the road be extinguished.

“The Law Officers are reviewing the matter but it is hoped that the road can be transferred to the Parish. The Kart Club will then be able to race in line with their planning permit.  If agreement can be reached, a future Parish Assembly will be asked to confirm if they are happy to take over the road.

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