Maximum fare tariffs for all taxi-cabs

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The Minister for Transport and Technical Services (TTS) is to discuss with the taxi industry, his intention to set maximum fare tariffs for all taxis in Jersey.

Currently, maximum fares for public rank taxis are controlled by the Minister, while private hire companies are free to set their own fares as they see fit. Consequently, different taxi firms have different fares structures, though the fares chargeable must be clearly displayed in the taxi.

The Minister has written to all restricted taxi-cab companies, the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association and the Jersey Cab Drivers Association stating his intention and advising them he will be arranging a series of meetings to determine an appropriate set of maximum tariffs that could be introduced at an early date.  This would provide certainty of cost for the customer and provide a reasonable return for the taxi service providers.

The Minister for TTS has been undertaking a review of the regulation of the Island’s taxi service. This process is still ongoing as some of the proposals may involve changes to the law and States agreement. However, some things can be changed by the Minister without new legislation. One of these is the maximum fares that taxi-cabs (both controlled/public rank and restricted/private hire) can charge.

The Minister’s consultation found customers are confused about the two types of taxi and the different fares they charge. While, as expected, there have been mixed opinions on many of the proposals contained within taxi regulatory reform papers, there was one proposal which had universal agreement – set an industry-wide maximum fare tariff for all taxi-cabs.

Of the 742 individual responses received in the Green Paper consultation, over 90% agreed that the Minister for TTS should set a maximum level of fares for all taxis.

In the White Paper consultation the move to a single set of tariffs was supported by a wide range of respondents including both individuals and organisations representing the taxi industry. Organisations in favour of a move to the introduction of an industry-wide maximum tariff included:

  • Jersey Chamber of Commerce
  • Jersey Consumer Council
  • The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities
  • Jersey Cab Drivers Association
  • Jersey Taxi Drivers Association

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