Mandarin Chinese introduced into Jersey Eisteddfod Deutsche Bank Festival of the Performing Arts

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The Modern Languages Section of the Deutsche Bank Festival of the Performing Arts will see the addition of Mandarin Chinese to its range of classes for the first time this year.

The addition means that the Modern Languages Section of the Jersey Eisteddfod Festival, which is sponsored by Deutsche Bank and supported by the Jersey Arts Trust, now comprises seven different languages, with Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Japanese already included, whilst French and Jèrriais are featured in their own Sections.

Three Chinese classes will be introduced into this year’s Festival, under primary, secondary and adult categories, providing an opportunity for people of all ages in Jersey to have a go at learning to say a few words in Mandarin. The shortest poem on the syllabus is just 30 syllables long.

Tim Nash, teacher of Mandarin Chinese and owner of local company Access China, commented:

“Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and in Jersey over 500 people have learned some Mandarin Chinese in the last four years through Access China. Mandarin Chinese is the fastest growing modern foreign language in UK schools, and this year the States of Jersey are considering whether or not to introduce it into the Island’s school curriculums.

“One in five human beings speaks Mandarin Chinese, so it can’t be that hard! Every word is just one syllable and words do not change form: that means no plurals, no tenses, no endings – all the things that people find difficult about the European languages that we normally learn. If you’ve had a bad experience with learning a foreign language before, then Mandarin is the language for you!”

The Deutsche Bank Festival of the Performing Arts takes place from early November until early December and includes classes in Modern Languages, French, Jèrriais, Dance, Music, and English Speech and Drama, at various venues across the island.

Entries are now being accepted for this year’s Festival and details of the classes can be found in the syllabus of the Jersey Eisteddfod 2014, which can be downloaded from the Jersey Eisteddfod website

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