Liberation Group explores the science behind your pint

| December 19, 2013 | 0 Comments
Beer Mats

Have you ever wondered whether the bubbles in your pint of stout are rising or falling? Beer mats designed to get people thinking about the physics of beer can now be found at Liberation Group pubs, bars and eateries across the Island.

The beer mats are part of the ‘Cheers, Physics!’ campaign launched by the Institute of Physics, in partnership with the British Beer & Pub Association and the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. The idea behind the quizzical mats is to engage pub-goers and start conversations about the science surrounding beer.

50,000 beer mats have been produced in total to be distributed through pubs across the UK and Jersey and each mat features a beer related question. The reverse of the mats is printed with a QR code which, when scanned with a smart phone, will take intrigued drinkers to a webpage to reveal the answers.

Mark Crowther, Chief Executive of Liberation Group hopes the initiative will prove an interesting talking point, ‘Many of us enjoy a pint of beer but few people think beyond that to what goes into making it. ‘Cheers, Physics’ is a fun campaign and a new take on pub trivia. The beer mats encourage people to see beer in a whole new light and we hope they will start some interesting discussions amongst those enjoying a pint at the pub with friends over the festive season.’

For more information about the ‘Cheers, Physics!’ campaign, visit


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