Latest report about Island Plan changes released

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A report, carried out by independent Planning Inspectors, on proposed amendments to the Island Plan from States Members has been released today by the Minister for Planning and Environment, Deputy Rob Duhamel. The States are due to debate changes to the 2011 Island Plan next week.

Following the tabling of the Minister’s own changes to the 2011 Island Plan in the States in March 2014, States Members have had an opportunity to lodge their own amendments. Eleven have been submitted, some of which raise issues not previously considered, and it is these new issues that have been the subject of further review by independent Planning Inspectors.

Following a period of consultation, the independent Planning Inspectors have considered all of the 300 written representations made from more than 50 individuals and organisations. They also held an Examination in Public, with those who had made key points about the substance of these new amendments, together with Deputy John Young who has submitted all of the amendments which raise new issues, and representatives of the Environment Department. This was held earlier this week, on Monday 7 July.

For five of the seven issues under consideration, the Inspectors have recommended that the Minister makes no changes to his own proposals.

Most significantly, the Inspectors have recommended that the Minister does not accede to proposed policy changes about the density of new development or the planning policy regime for St Brelade’s Bay. In the case of the latter, they have recommended that the Minister should work closely with the local community to develop new planning guidance for the bay.

They do, however, set out some changes that the Minister might wish to consider in light of the proposed amendments for the designation of Conservation Areas and the test used to assess the impact of new development upon neighbours.

The Minister will consider the Inspectors’ recommendations before deciding whether to lodge any further amendments of his own in advance of the debate which starts next week.

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