KPMG Channel Islands employees step up to world’s largest health challenge

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KPMG 10,000 steps breakfast

77 employees from KPMG in the Channel Islands launched a path to better fitness on May 28. They joined a 300,000-strong legion of workers worldwide and will walk, cycle, swim, skip or even salsa their way through the world’s largest corporate health initiative: the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). The challenge was launched with a walk from Salerie Corner to the Half Moon Cafe (just over 2000 steps) for breakfast.

Tony Mancini, Executive Director in the firm’s Guernsey office, said that they were excited to participate in the programme proven to enrich employee health and wellbeing. “Many of our people can spend a lot of their working day seated at their desks. We want to empower and encourage them to incorporate some beneficial physical activity into their daily lives. The GCC provides an effective and enjoyable way to achieve this.”

Over 100 days, KPMG staff will team up and work together to boost their daily physical activity levels, both in the workplace and at home. Adopting more health-conscious lifestyle habits, they will strive to meet the equivalent of World Health Organization’s (WHO) active lifestyle recommendation of 10,000 per steps day, and, in addition, their daily steps will also take them around the world on a virtual travel adventure designed to keep spirits and commitment high. Increasingly desk-based roles plus modern conveniences mean today’s typical employee takes just 3,000 steps per day, a far cry from the WHO recommendation. Steps are recorded on special pedometers and logged on the GCC website, where team and individual challenges can be set.

Mr Mancini said “We were impressed by the number of staff who wanted to take up the challenge, everyone is very enthusiastic. We matched the entry fee and had to increase our budget as more and more teams enrolled. We have 7 teams of 7 in Guernsey and 4 in Jersey, and already a bit healthy interisland rivalry is developing. We are also challenging ourselves against KPMG in the UK, and if any other local firms are taking part, we would be happy to set up a mini challenge with them. We have a long-term commitment to sport in the Channel Islands and we have a number of talented sportsmen and women amongst our people. This challenge is perfect for those of us who could benefit from doing a little bit more. Investing in the long term wellbeing of our people is an important step towards a happy and healthy workforce. We want our staff to feel good and to perform at their best, both in the workplace and out.”

Advisory Assistant Alexandra Reip had taken part in the challenge previously whilst with KPMG in Holland and now she is in the Channel Islands she thought the islands were the perfect location for the challenge. “We’re looking forward to stepping up to the plate and showing the world – and ourselves – just what KPMG can do” said Miss Reip.

Besides helping to improve the health of its own employees, KPMG will also have the opportunity to support improved health for the greater global community through GCC’s partnership with UNICEF. In 2014 the partnership will support specific projects in Cambodia and Zimbabwe and focus on providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene, in schools in both locations. “At KPMG, we try to give back to the community where we can, both locally and further afield. It’s something that our people feel very strongly. The GCC’s partnership with UNICEF provides us the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful difference to these school children, to help them access something that most of us are fortunate enough to take for granted – clean water.” said Mr Mancini.

KPMG Channel Islands joins 1,500 organisations globally in the GCC 2014, and in stepping up for the health and happiness of both employees and the greater global community alike.

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