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Autism Jersey

A total donation of £63,000 has been made to Autism Jersey by the 28 trekkers who took up the ‘JT Kilimanjaro Climb’ challenge at the beginning of 2014.

Reaching the 5,895-metre (19,336 ft) summit of Mount Kilimanjaro over an eight day trek, 28 intrepid Islanders, completed the challenge after months of physical preparation and charity fundraising. Together they faced a number of gruelling physical challenges along the way, including the change in altitude and weather conditions ranging from snow and ice to rain and drizzle.

The team’s efforts have resulted in a considerable donation to Autism Jersey which will be set towards the Charity’s new purpose-built centre at St. Saviour, which will be designed to help those living with autism in Jersey. Autism Jersey will need to raise at least £1.5 million for the centre in a joint effort with the States of Jersey.

Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs of JT said: “We are very pleased that the JT Kilimanjaro Trek was such a huge success for all involved. Not only was this a rewarding challenge for those who took part, but the trekkers exceeded their initial target of £50,000 to make this significant donation to Autism Jersey. Autism is a cause that JT supports around the globe and in Jersey we are very glad that we have played some part in assisting Autism Jersey raise funds towards its purpose built centre. I would like to thank and congratulate each participant in the JT Kilimanjaro Climb for both their fundraising and trekking endeavours.”

Autism Jersey Operations and Business Development Manager, Heather McLelland, who was also one of the trekkers, said: “The money that has been raised will make a huge difference to us and the work that we can do to help people on the autistic spectrum in Jersey. All of the trekkers took on an enormous challenge, and we are so pleased with what we have been able to achieve. We’d like to thank JT for their sponsorship of the challenge and for their ongoing support which is making a significant impact on our own fundraising efforts.”

Sponsoring the Kilimanjaro Trek formed part of JT’s three year support for Autism charities around the world. As well as sponsoring the challenge, JT also matched the funds raised by trekker Rosemary Parker who is the Customer Relationship Coordinator at JT and who blogged about the experience while in Africa.

The JT Kilimanjaro Climb team took the Lemosho Route to the mountain’s 5,895-metre peak. They ranged in age from the early 20s up to 70 and included a policeman, two accountants, some finance employees, a restaurateur and a member of the Jersey Criminal Justice team, as well as three trustees and three members of staff from Autism Jersey and one from JT.

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