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JT customers will be able to see exactly how long it takes the Group to answer their calls in future. In an effort to be more transparent about its customer service, the telecommunications firm is to publish the performance statistics for its customer contact centre, on its website, JTGlobal.com, as well as setting time targets for dealing with enquiries.

JT’s response times will now be published online at http://www.jtglobal.com/howarewedoingtoday

This is just one example of the measures JT is putting place to improve its customer service standards and follows an increase in the number of customer enquiries, and average length of time it took JT to deal with each, following the introduction of a major new billing system at the end of last year.

JT has deployed extra resources to bring both those measures back to normal levels, and is planning to publish its statistics as a way of showing customers exactly how it is getting on and to enable customers to identify peak times to avoid waiting.

Furthermore, JT has appointed a new Head for its Contact Centre who oversees the team of 30 local and experienced staff who together deal with an average of 6,000 calls, 500 emails and a number of letters each week. JT’s contact centre also filters all 999 calls which are given priority over all other traffic. This is all in addition to a team of 13 specialists who provide 24/7 contact centre support to JT’s business customers.

JT’s Chief Relationship Officer, Tim Ringsdore explained: “We know that it took us too long to answer calls towards the end of last year, and I would like to apologise to our customers once again for that. We had to bring in an entirely new billing system, which was a once-in-a-generation change, and naturally caused people to want to talk through their bills in greater numbers, and in more depth. Unfortunately a series of lightning strikes and flooding early in 2014 caused additional problems for our customers which resulted in further calls that had to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Since then we have worked hard to get the performance of our call centre back to its usual high levels.

“Going forward we want to be as open as possible with our customers, and so have decided to take the step of publishing the performance data for our call centre, so that customers can see for themselves how many calls we are dealing with, and how long it is taking us to answer them. In order to put that in context, we will also be setting performance targets for them to measure us against”.

He added: “Many customers are now using online channels to ask questions and check information and in response we have introduced a ‘social media’ team which responds to contact made through these channels exclusively , although we still need to provide a local contact centre in order to give our customers options. We hope that by publishing this data our customers will be able to see how hard their fellow islanders in the contact centre are working to get their enquiries dealt with as soon as possible – we are now showing some of the best response times in the last four years, with80% of calls answered in under 40seconds I’m proud of the team in the contact centre, and I know they will welcome this opportunity to show everyone else what they are achieving”.

In addition to making its contact centre statistics available to customers, JT has also invited customers to attend a series of customer feedback sessions. These take place on Wednesday 30th April 2014, and are designed for customers to share their negative, positive or neutral experiences of JT’s multi-million pound billing system which was introduced at the end of 2013 in order for the Group to make improvements.

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