Jersey to host tri-island conference

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The first of a series of tri-island meetings between Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man to discuss issues of common interest and share knowledge about health and social care is taking place in Jersey today, Monday 26 November. It will be hosted by the Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Anne Pryke and attended by the Ministers and Chief Executives from the three islands.

Topics on the agenda of the day-long meeting include the strategic direction which health and social care is taking on each island, with a presentation by each island on the issues they are facing with time for discussion. This will be followed by a lunchtime presentation by the Head of Health Promotion for Jersey, Andrew Heaven, on the Alcohol Strategy for the Island.

Representatives from Guernsey will lead a discussion on Regulation of Care, and finally the Isle of Man representatives will lead a discussion on how capacity could be shared between the three Islands in the future. Particular areas of interest to be covered will include Finance, Legislation and Public Health.

Deputy Anne Pryke said: “I hope that this inaugural meeting will be the first of many, and will give us all an opportunity to discuss some common issues of interest in order that we can learn from each other and deliver mutual benefits wherever possible. We are all serving Island communities and want to be able to share good working wherever we can.”

“The inter-relations between the Channel Islands are a key opportunity in devising and maintaining a sustainable future for health and social care. We share common challenges and demands arising from the current economic landscape. I am looking forward to the Tri-Island Conference and expect close working to continue to develop and grow as a result. Any viable solutions to shared problems will be high on our agenda.”

The attendees are:

Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Anne Pryke
CEO for Health and Social Services, Julie Garbutt

Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Hunter Adam
CEO for Health and Social Services, Mark Cooke

Isle of Man:
Minister for Health, the Hon David Moore Anderson
CEO for the Department of Health, David Killip

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