Jersey pupils to receive Internet safety guide

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Every Jersey pupil in years 4 to 9 will be offered a copy of the new Digital Parenting magazine created by Vodafone, partner to the Channel Island mobile provider Airtel-Vodafone. All pupils at States’ schools will be taking home a copy for their parents.

The magazine is written as a guide for all parents and grand parents who want to know more about keeping children safe on the Internet and is being distributed as part of an initiative run by the Department for Education, Sport & Culture to highlight child safety online and Airtel-Vodafone.

The Internet has become an integral part of children’s lives which sees them going online at ever younger ages, as reported in the EU Kids Online report. Online safety has therefore become a vital element of parental care for children. The Internet has opened up a seemingly endless number of new ways and forums for communicating that are available to children. With 33% of children are now accessing the Internet via a mobile phone or handheld device, as found by the EU Kids Online report, concern over security has shifted to include mobile telephones. In response to this Airtel-Vodafone and the Department for Education, Sport & Culture have been working to inform parents of both the benefits and potential dangers for their children.

Ian Campbell, Chief Operating Officer for Airtel-Vodafone, contributed an article to the magazine focusing on what the future holds for smart, mobile devices. Commenting on this initiative he said: ‘Information empowers us and when children can often seem to know more about the technological revolution than adults it is vital that the right information is to hand. Digital Parenting works as a guide to help parents keep their children safe online’.

Jon Tarrant, E-Safety and E-Learning Manager for the Department for Education, Sport & Culture said ‘Everybody agrees that e-safety is important. It is vital that children and parents talk to each other about life online and the impact that online activities can have on real life and this magazine will help them do that. I hope every family will find something here that helps them understand more about the digital world in which children are now growing up.

‘The articles are an ideal starting point for parents and grandparents who want to become better informed about everything from Smartphones and “apps” to Facebook and cyberbullying. Digital Parenting magazine is a valuable resource and it has been produced free of charge by Vodafone UK and made available at no cost to parents, schools or the ESC Department. I am delighted that every Jersey schoolchild in Years 4 to 9 will be able to take a free copy home’.

The distribution of the magazine coincides with National Anti-bullying week which runs from 19 to 23 November when 7,000 magazines will be sent out to schools.

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