Jersey Post Re-Cycles for Africa

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We often take for granted having a means of transport to get to and from work, school and essential services such as health facilities. However imagine if the only way you could get there was a long exhausting journey on foot, come rain or shine…

This year Jersey Post is going to support poor families in Africa, by working with the charity, Re-Cycle. Jersey Post is donating 26 former postal bikes and parts, in order to enable African families to dramatically improve their lifestyle.

Re-Cycle is a non-profit organisation that receives bikes and parts from all over the UK, which they later ship to Africa. Over the past ten years Re-Cycle has distributed more than 55,000 bikes. Their work has had a massive impact on the lives of people living in remote villages, giving quicker access to health care, education and employment.

Simple, affordable transport generates income opportunities in developing countries, as well as saving lots of time and back-breaking work. The bikes enable easier transportation of water, fire wood and food, as a bicycle lightens this burden of walking for hours in the scorching sun, and dramatically improves their health. To make it as cost effective as possible the organisation needs at least 400 bikes to fill a container.

“For many people, a bicycle can be a first step out of poverty towards a better life.”

Re-Cycle Founder and CEO, Merlin Matthews.

“Jersey Post knows that by donating these bikes, we will be contributing towards a family’s future, which will further enhance their quality of life. The aim is to provide the bikes by the end of February and so far the project is on schedule.”

Jersey Post Fleet Manager, Nick Perchard-Rees.

Jersey Post hopes to build a long term relationship with Re-Cycle so that when more post bikes become available, they too can be sent to Africa to help families in need. Jersey Post would also like thank Ferry Speed for their assistance, as they are supporting our project and providing freight space, to transport the bikes to Re-Cycle headquarters in the UK.

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