Jersey Post announces changes to its postal tariffs

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Jersey Post will be amending its postal rates with effect from Wednesday 23rd April 2014.  In the first rise for two years, the changes will see a penny increase for local and UK Letters of less than 100g.  At the same time, small packet rates will remain static or are being reduced, which it’s hoped will assist small and micro businesses.

The key rates will be:


2014 Price

2012/2013 Price

Local Letter (100g)



UK, IOM and Other CI Letter (100g)



The price increases reflect three key pressures:

  1. The impact of cost increases over the last two years, including those implemented by Royal Mail.
  2. The removal of Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) for products exported from the Island.  Jersey Post continues to achieve efficiency savings where possible but the effect on the company following the loss of LVCR has been dramatic.  Sales are nearly 50% lower than two years ago, some £30 million less.
  3. The continuing financial impact of falling letter mail volumes coupled with an increasing number of households to deliver to.

Kevin Keen, Jersey Post’s Chief Executive, said: ‘We understand that price increases are never good news for our customers but hope they will appreciate the reasons for the changes and note that they are the first stamp price increases from us for two years.  We passionately believe that the services provided by the staff at Jersey Post still represent great value for money and these new prices should have a minimal impact on most Islanders because the average household now spends just £1 per week on postal services. That said, for the 4th year running we are committing to provide discounts on key stamp prices at Christmas, when islanders send the highest volumes of mail.’

Further details of the price changes can be found at

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