Jersey horse owners – if you export or import horses, are you ready for the new rules?

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New rules coming to tighten up on horse health certification will affect Jersey horse owners transporting animals between Jersey and France.

Currently, under what’s known as the Tripartite Agreement (TPA), most horses being transported between the UK, Ireland and France don’t need a veterinary health certificate as long as the animals have an up to date horse passport.

When the new rules come in on 18 May, only ‘high-health horses’ – those registered with a TPA-approved body will still be able to travel to France without a health certificate, using just their passport.

All other horses will have to have a health check and show veterinary health certification for entering France and either returning to, or coming to Jersey.

The tightening up is intended to reduce the risk of horse diseases being introduced from the continent, according to States Veterinary Officer, Linda Lowseck, “The new rules will mean that unless your horse is TPA-registered, travel to and from EU countries can only take place if horses are healthy and have the papers to prove it, and consequently, there will be a higher level of protection for the island’s horse population.”

The movement of horses between UK and Jersey is unrestricted and that will remain the same under the new rules.

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