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TOTM is the creation of Jersey resident Kate Herbert

An organic feminine care products company, TOTM, has launched online offering a subscription-based service and free worldwide delivery. The Jersey based business aspires to lead the market in organic sales and raise important debate over the safety of the leading products currently available.

TOTM is the creation of Jersey resident Kate Herbert. She’s tapped into an industry that is growing exponentially worldwide.

TOTM represents a niche sector of the market by offering only 100% certified, pure, organic cotton products that are biodegradable. The company employs the digital subscription model designed to offer women a simple, timesaving solution to purchasing their monthly products. The items are delivered straight to customer’s doors in discreet, modern packaging.

The average European woman uses more than 13,000 tampons in her lifetime but many are not aware of what their products are actually made of. Tampon companies are not required by law to list the ingredients and in reality this means that many conventional tampons contain chemicals such as dioxins (a known carcinogen), GMO’s, plastics, rayon, pesticides and insecticides, glues, and artificial dyes and fragrances. Additionally, “cotton feel” or “cotton touch” probably means it’s not actually made from cotton; many of the popular brands of pads and liners contain up to 90% plastic – the equivalent of four plastic bags per pad.

In contrast, TOTM products are designed with women’s health and the environment in mind; they do not contain cellulose pulp (which is obtained from felling trees) they do not use chlorine to bleach the products, they are perfume, viscose and rayon free and hypoallergenic. TOTM products are made bespoke to the highest European standards by an exceptional specialist manufacturer in Europe. All the products have been certified by ICEA (Environmental & Ethical Certification Institute) and GOTS (Global Organic Standard) Associations.

TOTM offers discrete worldwide delivery from its operational base in Jersey. The service will give access to a full range of organic products and the company will initially offer 11 individual products under four product categories from it’s website

The company has the backing of the former CEO and co-founder of online retail giant Aaron Chatterley. He sits on the TOTM board as a Non-Executive Director and will be instrumental in driving the business forward internationally.

Kate Herbert, Co-Founder of TOTM, says:

‘The natural and organic movement has come a long way. There are now natural and organic alternatives in just about every category of food, beverage, and health & beauty products. However, those healthier options don’t have widespread awareness or availability in the feminine care sector.

We believe that modern women should not have to compromise, so we have provided easier access to 100% organic products that truly deliver. Likewise, we understand how busy women are and so we’ve made ordering and delivery simple with a monthly, discreet pack through the letterbox.

We’re very excited to launch TOTM after 18 months of careful development. Our thanks goes to Jersey Business who have supported our endeavours and invested in our vision. We will take our products worldwide and furthermore use the company to educate women about important health issues.’


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