JeCC calls on construction industry to respond to Health and Safety consultation

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The Jersey Construction Council has welcomed the announcement by the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate of a consultation that aims to create a new Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) for Managing Health and Safety in Construction and is calling on members to respond.

Nigel Blandin, Chairman of the JeCC Health and Safety sub committee, commenting on the consultation said:  ‘The majority of Jersey companies are very proactive regarding health and safety of staff and the public, but there is always more that can be done. This consultation is an important development of the standards here in the Island and we would encourage everyone in the Construction Industry to engage with this.

‘The new ACOP clearly lays out the requirements that ensure construction sites are not only a safe place to work on but also to be near to. Health and Safety laws can be difficult for smaller companies and the self-employed to understand and a Code of Practice explains clearly what is required to comply with regulations.

‘The JeCC is working to represent the smaller as well as the large contractors to reduce the occurrence of accidents and health related problems. We agree with Colin Myers view that the ACOP will make some of these companies step up to the mark and help create a level playing field between those that are doing things correctly and those that are not.

‘The industry as a whole is totally committed to supporting this initiative and although there can be costs and time implications involved in changes they are not significant when modern technologies and improved work practices are used to improve efficiencies at the same time.’

The consultation can be accessed via the website at


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