Islanders invited to take part in the inaugural Family Nursing and Home Care Scarecrow Trail

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Islanders are being invited to take part in the inaugural Family Nursing and Home Care (FNHC) Scarecrow Trail between Friday 23rd and Monday 26th May 2014.

The FNHC Scarecrow Trail will see properties all along the Railway Walk, from St Aubin to Corbière, host scarecrows, which are being made by individuals, local groups, schools and local businesses, for four days in May.  Islanders taking part in the trail will then be invited to vote for the best straw creation, which will be awarded the FNHC Scarecrow Trail Award as well as having an opportunity to win a cash prize if they can identify and name all of the scarecrows on display. The overall theme for this year’s Scarecrow Trail is famous people and characters.

Ivo Le Maistre Smith, fundraising manager at FNHC, said: ‘Anyone can get involved in the Family Nursing and Home Care Scarecrow Trail, either as a scarecrow maker or by following the trail and identifying the scarecrows. This Scarecrow Trail will be the first of its kind in Jersey and will be an annual fundraising event. We think it will be great fun for all of the family and will help us to raise much needed funds for the charity.’

Established in 1907, FNHC provides islanders with a variety of services from birth to end of life including health visitors, school and children’s nursing, district and specialist nursing as well as home and domestic care. FNHC needs to raise £2million per year in voluntary donations to continue providing its breadth of high quality services in the community.

During the week of the Trail, FNHC will sell trail sheets, which contain a map showing where all the scarecrows are located, and an answer sheet for people to fill in. Participants will be asked to identity or name each scarecrow, which will be following the theme of famous people and characters.  Completed answer sheets will then be returned to the organisers with a vote for the scarecrow that each individual liked best. The organisers will then count up votes for the best scarecrow and put the correct trail sheets into a draw for a cash prize of £50.  People’s Choice prizes for the best scarecrows include a £150 first prize, £75 second prize and a £25 third prize.

So far, 40 scarecrows have been registered but there is still time to enter further scarecrows. Anyone who wishes to take part by making a scarecrow will be allocated an agreed location on the Railway Walk so that their scarecrow is visible from the public path or road.

Scarecrows will be traditional ‘t-bar’ scarecrows or custom-made to fit a particular location (e.g. peering over a wall, sitting on a bench, hanging from a tree). Please contact Debbie Farley on 443666 or email by 1st May to register a scarecrow. There is a cost of £10 to enter each scarecrow.

For those wishing to participate and follow the Scarecrow Trail, trail maps can be purchased from 19th May from Le Bas Centre, St Saviour’s Road; Gervaise Le Gros, St Aubin and Andersen’s DIY in Quennevais Precinct and on the Railway Walk during the event. Completed answer forms need to be dropped off to one of these sites by 31st May.

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