International roaming conference held in Jersey a success

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A four day international roaming conference held in Jersey and hosted by JT, attracted 20 representatives from the world’s leading mobile operators including those from the US, Canada, Jamaica, the United Arab Emirates and Ireland.

Organised by a subgroup of the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA), the roaming industry’s governing body, the event was designed to bring together the working groups responsible for all commercial elements relating to international roaming.

JT’s head of roaming, Cara Murphy is a member of the GSMA and deputy chair of one of the working groups which met in the Island last week. She says: “It’s really important that the international roaming industry has a joined up approach to roaming practices and it is the role of the GSMA and its subgroups to ensure this is achieved. Meeting regularly in working groups like this means that we can draw upon the expertise and knowledge of those who are at the forefront of the international roaming industry so that the GSMA as a wider group can discuss and agree industry standards.”

Graeme Millar, CEO of JT, said: “The GSMA had a good turnout for the programme of discussions and we were delighted to host such a successful conference in Jersey. The discussions which took place covered the most pertinent issues concerning the standardisation, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system around the world and the findings will be relayed back to the GSMA at its annual conference. JT is pleased to make an ongoing contribution towards generating efficiencies and ensuring standards and best practice are adhered to across all global mobile operators.”

The GSMA subgroups meet four times each year to review innovative solutions and support for operational issues. The agenda for the four day programme in Jersey included:

RAEX Task Force – This group works on the mechanisms for electronic exchange of commercial and technical information between operators.

Working group RING – This is the ‘Roaming Innovation Group’ that deals with all commercial roaming issues and standards.

Working group AGREE – This group looks after the standard contracts that operators use to do business with each other.

Working group RCPG – This is the ‘Roaming Charges Principles Group’, dealing with the standards around roaming billing exchange.

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