Industry leaders meet to discuss threat of Cyber attacks

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JT will be taking part in, and co-sponsoring, a breakfast seminar organised to debate and review a growing problem which is fast becoming one of biggest threats to businesses of all types today.

The seminar is being organised by Heritage Insurance, and takes place at the Royal Yacht Hotel on Friday 31st January at 0730. Leading minds from the industry will meet and share practical advice and latest information with the business community to help businesses prepare for and be aware of the risks.

Any business which involves transactional websites, client data storage, digital commerce and social networking needs to be aware of and plan to protect against what’s become known as ‘cyber risk’.

Attacks can take the form of a ‘hack’ or a ‘denial of service’: this is where vast amounts of information are sent via the Internet to a targeted website, which then crashes. These kinds of attack have grown in complexity, volume and sophistication.

Richard Le Tocq, Director of the seminar’s organisers Heritage Insurance, said:

“We see cyber risk as a major issue for local businesses, so have organised this seminar to enable industry leaders to share their knowledge, expertise, and hopefully some practical tips. The response has been excellent, as this is clearly a subject of concern to businesses, as the downside of not being prepared is considerable”.

JT’s Chief Relationship Officer, Tim Ringsdore, commented:

“The Channel Islands have already been subject of cyber attacks in recent months and their frequency and severity is only set to increase. Attacks are not just against financial services companies; all businesses are potential targets.

I’d like to thank Heritage for organising this seminar, and am looking forward to taking part and helping businesses to both protect themselves against cyber-attacks”.

The expert panel will be chaired by Richard Le Tocq, Director – Heritage Insurance, and will include:

• Cisco Systems – Paul King, Director, Threat Intelligence.
• AIG – Raheila Nazir, Cyber & Technology lead for the UK.
• Prosperity 24.7 – Chris Clark, Managing Director.
• JT – Tim Ringsdore, Chief Relationship Officer.

Anyone wanting to attend the seminar can sign up at:

To find out more about JT’s products and services in this area see :

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