Hospitality jobs campaign launched

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A new incentive and training scheme has been launched to get locally qualified unemployed people working in the hospitality industry.

The Back to Work Hospitality Campaign offers a nine-step programme of training combined with incentives for both the employers and employees who maintain employment, either for the coming season or on a permanent basis.

Social Security Minister Senator Francis Le Gresley said that the new programme recognised the vital role that the hospitality industry could play in increasing employment opportunities for locally qualified unemployed people.

“Increasingly, we are asking employers to recruit their staff locally, rather than overseas, but in doing so we must make sure that they have quality candidates to choose from. This campaign has been developed to ensure that our jobseekers have the skills and attitude employers expect and an additional boost for both parties to look at work and recruitment in a new way,” said Senator Le Gresley.

Employers who take on someone who has been registered as actively seeking work for six months or more or has participated in the Back to Work hospitality training will be entitled to:

A maximum of £2,080 for candidates recruited on a seasonal post lasting at least 26 weeks. Up to an additional £1,000 if the post becomes permanent.

Employees who are successfully recruited and remain in a post for the season can receive a maximum incentive of £650.

The programme of training provides a flexible three-week course which raises awareness of the variety of roles available in a range of venues and provides motivational and job-specific training to prepare people for interview with hospitality providers across the Island.

In developing a new programme of training for 2013, Back to Work has sought the backing of industry and has engaged with employers to ensure that training is relevant to their needs. The course includes modules in a number of areas, including kitchen duties, service, housekeeping and reception.

Jobseekers have been registering to take part in the training since the beginning of January and will be directed to particular areas of the industry depending on their interest and experience. Candidates will take part in the training in groups until the end of March.

Senator Le Gresley said that up to 300 locally qualified people could benefit from the scheme.

“As a government, we have an obligation to ensure that vacancies which do exist are offered to locally qualified people, especially at a time when job opportunities are less numerous. This initiative will provide the means for jobseekers and hospitality employers to take a direction which will benefit both now and in the years to come,” said Senator Le Gresley.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Jersey Hospitality Association, Gerald Fletcher, said: “We would encourage our members to support this initiative to train and recruit locally qualified jobseekers in hospitality roles. We are confident that the industry will welcome new people, particularly locals. Applicants wanting to work in hospitality and tourism must be trained, motivated and committed and most of all have the right attitude and desire to succeed and progress in the broad range of job opportunities offered by our sector of the local economy.”

Any hospitality employers who would like to source candidates from the programme can contact the Back to Work team on 447411 or email

Anyone who is unemployed, has been resident in Jersey for five years or more and would like to find out more about the training programme should contact the Work Zone at Social Security.

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