Food businesses reminded to register properly

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Owners and managers of businesses in Jersey which serve food are being asked to ensure they are registered in the correct way.

There are currently around 1,500 businesses which sell food in the Island which are registered.

Food inspectors from the States of Jersey are responsible for ensuring food businesses provide safe food to the public. To do this, they need to know about every premises in Jersey which sells food to the public. The information is used to plan inspections and to send important food safety information to businesses.

Head of the Environmental Health department, Mike Arnold said: “There have been a number of occasions where premises have been found that are not properly registered. Sometimes, these are entirely new, but there are also businesses that have changed hands and the new owners have not notified Environmental Health of the change, either of ownership or of the type of food being sold.

“All businesses, no matter what their size, that supply food to the public are required to register. This includes cafes, caterers, hotels, boarding houses, shops, kiosks and bars. If you have set up a new food business or taken over the ownership of an existing business and cannot remember registering it, then you should do so without delay.”

Owners need to fill in the registration form provided for the purpose which can be found on

Mr Arnold added: “The Food (Registration of Premises) (Jersey) Order 2001 requires the owners of food businesses to register their premises and to keep the information about the premises up to date. This information is used to plan inspections and to manage incidents where unsafe food enters the retail chain.”

“Inspections are carried out in proportion to the food safety risk a premises presents to its customers. This is based on the type of business, the number of customers, the type of food handled and the operating conditions of the premises. High risk businesses receive more frequent detailed audits and inspections than low risk premises that receive infrequent and short spot checks.”

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