Family Nursing & Home Care invites local businesses to sign up for World Cup Sweepstake Challenge

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Local charity, Family Nursing & Home Care, the leading provider of community nursing and care services in Jersey, is inviting local businesses to take part in the FNHC World Cup Sweepstake Challenge.

The challenge will see individuals from businesses, large and small, competing against each other to win a cash prize.

Those who sign up to the challenge will receive a free FNHC World Cup Sweepstake kit, complete with a set of rules and a list of team names ready to be cut out and picked at random.

Established in 1907, FNHC provides islanders with a variety of services from birth to end of life including health visitors, school and children’s nursing, district and specialist nursing as well as home and domestic care. FNHC needs to raise in excess of £1.75 million per year in voluntary donations to continue providing its breadth of high quality services in the community.

To aid fundraising, FNHC is asking that 25% of all money raised from each organisation’s sweepstake is sent to the charity as a donation for taking part.

‘You can charge as much as you like per entry although with 32 teams competing for the coveted trophy in Brazil, we would recommend a fee of £4 per challenger – that’s a fantastic cash prize of £96 for the lucky winner, with a much needed £32 going to FNHC,’ said Ivo Le Maistre Smith, fundraising manager at FNHC.

‘We rely heavily on the public for their support and it’s important that we continue to raise the funds needed to make sure our loved ones have access to and receive the highest standards of care, regardless of the complexity of their needs’, added Mr Le Maistre Smith.

Large organisations, with numerous floors and extensive teams of employees, are invited to enter multiple sweepstakes. However, individuals from smaller businesses with less than 32 employees can also get involved by entering multiple teams to make up the numbers and increase their chances of success.

To find out more information and sign up for this year’s FNHC World Cup Sweepstake Challenge, please visit:

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