Export of ash one step closer

| March 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Minister for Transport and Technical Services (TTS) has approved the tender report to enable the export of fly ash/air pollution control residues (APCr) from the Energy from Waste plant.

There are three contracts to be awarded, one for the movement and repackaging of the APCr at La Collette, one for the haulage to the disposal outlet, and one for the disposal. Separate tenders were required for each of the three areas of work, using the usual States tender process which started last year.

The project covers both the legacy stored APCr as well as the ongoing APCr that is produced at the new EFW plant.

It is hoped that shipment will commence in May 2014.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for TTS said “This is something I have been really pushing for since I became Minister and I am so pleased that I will soon be signing the contracts to make the export of this APCr waste possible.”

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